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If you spent your fair share of time browsing the internet or watching TV, then you may be familiar with the snappy tagline coined by eHarmony "...fall in love for all the right reasons". Yes, it seems that everywhere you turn these days, online dating websites, including eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, Lavalife and American Singles, are vying for your attention and seeking your membership. As the online dating landscape becomes increasingly crowded, selecting dating sites that best fit with your needs and lifestyle becomes ever more tedious and complex. Even worse, it could leave you clicking in circles with no good dates in sight.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way. helps simplify the dating web site selection process so that you can quickly and easily get started in meeting your new date or perfect mate with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment. We have the best of the web's dating services, the most up to date and in-depth reviews, and a discriminating flair of seeing beyond the hype so that you will know the quality of each online dating service and the value of their dating site.

You can start the process by reading our quick and to the point summary reviews below of dating services like, YahooPersonals, Lava Life and AmericanSingles. They outline the purpose of each dating service and how it is uniquely different than all other dating sites. This should help to narrow down your choices to one or two dating services. Then we invite you to click over to our full in-depth review to get a deeper look at your dating site choices. Not only will it help to reaffirm your decision, it will also help you through the sign up process, dating process and how to make full use of their online dating services. Okay, now it's your turn to have a great time on your next new date.

Compare Online Dating Services: eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, Lavalife, American Singles

» eHarmony - eHarmony Review
eHarmony is an internet matchmaking site that is designed to help singles find life-long commitments with the right person. eHarmony has changed the face of online dating by matching singles based on their patented 29 key compatibility principles. eHarmony is the dating site for serious daters only.
eHarmony Dating Service
» Yahoo Personals - Yahoo Personals Review
Yahoo Personals is the "big kahuna" of online dating websites because of their mass appeal and their leading edge dating services. Yahoo Personals offers a database of millions of singles, a full set of easy to use dating features and an environment where it's easy to meet a date. YahooPersonals is for the casual daters, serious daters, young daters and old daters. Essentially, this dating service is for all daters.
Yahoo Personals
» Lavalife - Lavalife Review
With their very hip-n-cool look and urban appeal, Lavalife is the online dating center for sexy singles. Whether you are seeking new dates, new love or pure lust, it's all there at Lava Life. Join one or all three communities and meet great singles in your area. With Lavalife, you will get more dating choices and more sexy singles.
Lavalife Dating Website
» American Singles
American Singles has the coveted position of being one of the most popular online dating web sites among U.S. internet users. AmericanSingles have a very sensible appeal, which may be seen through their excellent online services, their ease of use and the opportunities to meet millions of other great singles. High quality singles from all walks of life, all professions and all ages can be found on the American Singles dating website. And now is a great time to join, since you can create a profile on American Singles for free. Get connected with your special someone today with!
American Singles Dating Service

Compare Online Dating Services
Compare online dating service websites including eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, Lavalife and American Singles above. Learn how dating web sites such as eHarmony, YahooPersonals, Lava Life and AmericanSingles services compare. Find the dating service website that fits you best.

Best Online Dating Services
At Compare Dating WebSites, we focus on just the best dating services on the Internet. Instead of listing all dating web sites, we include only the top-end that are easy to use, cost effective, have tons of members and other useful features, like Yahoo Personals, eHarmony, Lavalife and American Singles. Our site will expand as we review more online dating web sites that meet our criteria.

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