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Lavalife Review - Compare Lava Life to other Dating Service Websites

Read our Lavalife review and compare Lava Life to other online dating service websites including eHarmony, Lavalife and American Singles. Learn how dating web sites such as Yahoo Personals, eHarmony, Lavalife and American Singles services compare. Find if Lavalife is the dating service website that fits you best.

Lavalife Review

LavalifeLavalife–the name certainly has a catchy ring even though it may leave some of us to wonder, "What is a Lavalife?". Bruce Croxon, one of the original founders, sells the Lavalife brand as a hip and urban dating site with a unique edge that is lacking in other online dating sites. It is on this note that we start our Lava Life review.

To be true to their name, Lavalife's homepage is infused with rich bold colors along with a picture of a group of attractive singles dressed to the nine's in the latest fashion trends. Within the urban backdrop, the group is playfully standing around waiting for someone to join them. Could it possibly be you? Indeed it is and that is how Lavalife draws fun and exciting singles to their dating site.

Lavalife offers variety and choices for all singles to find someone. With over 8 million members in all age groups and from all walks of life, Lavalife will have what you're looking for. So, take this opportunity and sign up with Lavalife. As a Lava Life member, you may join all three of Lava Life's diverse dating communities (dating, relationships & intimate encounters) to see who's online, browse through their profiles, view their video greetings and flirt with them through a virtual Lavalife smile.

The effectiveness of a Lavalife smile should never be underestimated. It's the non-verbal cue of attraction that excites the senses. It's simply a fun and easy way to express interest in someone at Lava Life. Plus, it opens up the opportunity for others to view your Lavalife profile and to send a return smile. With such an easy and unassuming feature, there is no reason for you to be shy on Lavalife. The worst that can happen is you'll not get one in return. But on the flip side, consider the possibilities if you receive a return smile or better yet, an uninitiated smile. The best part is this feature is free.

Although many of Lavalife services are free, Lavalife is not a completely free online dating site. But unlike most online dating sites, Lava Life is not a subscription based service either. Subscription based services require you to pay a flat monthly fee to obtain full access to their services. The drawback to this type of payment structure is you may be paying for services that you do not use.

Lavalife, in contrast, is a transaction (pay per use) site. This allows you to only pay for the services that you use to initiate contact with others. This offers you the flexibility to meet and connect with other singles based on your needs and not on the dating service's timetable. So use the Lava Life services at your convenience. With Lavalife, you are in total control of your online experience in every sense of the word. So, isn't time to add some lava into your life? Join Lavalife today and find the love.

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Compare online dating service websites, including Lavalife, eHarmony, Yahoo Personals and American Singles, at Learn how dating web sites such as Lava Life, eHarmony, YahooPersonals and AmericanSingles services compare. Find the dating service website that fits you best.

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