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Read our eHarmony review and compare to other online dating service websites including Yahoo Personals, Lavalife and American Singles. Learn how dating web sites such as eHarmony, YahooPersonals, Lava Life and AmericanSingles services compare. Find if is the dating service website that fits you best.

eHarmony Review

eHarmony - eHarmony.comBy now, you have probably seen or heard advertisements about and their exclusive patented Compatibility Matching System. You know, the one where real love-struck couples express their gratitude for eHarmony and how it has helped changed their lives for the better. Then for the closer, Dr. Neil Clark Warren (founder of eHarmony) delivers the heart-felt line "it's never too early to be happy for the rest of your life". It is an inspirational message that is meant to renew your hope of also finding somebody special. So, if you are still looking and would like to know how eHarmony can help you find true love, then read on. With this review, you will get the inside look to eHarmony and what it takes to find your soul mate.

First, eHarmony is unlike most online dating sites. At a typical dating website, you browse through would-be dates' profiles and make the determination of who to contact. This decision is usually based on physical appeal and possibly some common interest. This self serve approach may result in instant attraction but eventually will lead to mismatches because of incompatible goals, values and what each person want from a long term relationship. Even worse, this realization usually happens at a later stage of the relationship resulting in wasted time, effort and hurt feelings by both parties. So, if you want to bypass life's mismatches and meet and date people for the right reasons, then eHarmony is the place to go.

eHarmony's unique approach to online dating is to match you up with other compatible singles based on eHarmony's highly accurate, patented scientific matching model and a proven set of 29 key compatibility principles. These principles are core to ensuring that you will be matched with those you might get along with based on criteria like personality, character and shared values. Notice we did not say anything about sexual chemistry. eHarmony is leaving that up to the couple to explore on their own.

If all of this is ringing true for you, then you are now ready to get started. First, give yourself a good hour to complete the eHarmony sign up process. Most of this time will be spent on answering the 436 questions that will be used to profile your 29 key dimensions. There will be a small percentage of cases where eHarmony will reject an applicant. Some reasons include whether you are separated, depressed or have an addiction. eHarmony believes that people need to be in control and be relatively happy in their own lives before they can be good partners.

Please allow some time for the matching process to identify your ideal matches. Remember, it only takes that one special connection to make your effort worthwhile. Once there is a match and mutual interest, the pair will go through a guided communication process where you get a chance to ask and exchange information on a more personal level. If there is continuing interest, the next step is calling and then meeting face to face.

We should note that these email exchanges will require the use of eHarmony's private email system, which is available to eHarmony's paying subscribers only. There are several great and flexible membership packages to select from and most of them include a match guarantee. So, if you are currently a free member, you will need to upgrade your membership to explore the possibilities of finding your soul mate. This is well worth the investment considering the quality of eHarmony's services, the match guarantee and the great people you will meet. Plus, maybe there will be future opportunities for you and your one true love to dote all over each other on national TV for eHarmony.

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